Clogged or Slow Running Drains

Office (5 8 6) 4 2 0 - 0 4 0 7 Clogged or Slow Running Drains are often the result of hair, grease, food, and tissue buildup inside of your drain lines. If you are experiencing a strange odor, gurgling sound, or a slow running drain then it may be time to call a plumber with knowledge on how to safely, and effectively unclog your drains * Wayne County * Oakland County * Macomb County ----------------------------------------------------------------- Clogged Main Sewer Line, Clogged Kitchen Sink, Clogged Toilet or Bidet, Clogged Bathroom Sink, Clogged Bathtub or Shower, Clogged Laundry Tub, Clogged Floor Drain
Updated 27-Feb-2017
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