Pitts & Spitts 24 x 36 Smoker

This is a smoker that can use pure wood (up to 18" long). It has a propane side burner & a propane tube in the bottom of the firebox to start your wood or lump coal. It can also be used as a grill. It has a built in water pan between the firebox & the smoking area. We added a 2nd grid to almost double the smoking area (fits 12 racks of ribs). I have not used it in a few years. It is ready to be fired up, seasoned & ready to go (could use a paint job). I will include some wood to get you smoking. Propane tank not included. Below is from the site showing a new one without the side burner for $3299.00: https://www.houzz.com/product/52951986-combo-smoker-pit-24x36-contemporary-smokers The pit that started it all! The combo offers maximum fuel efficiency and heat control in a small footprint. The stacked cooking chamber/firebox design revolutionized the indirect heat method. This makes for exceptional performance and extra clean smoke for the Ultimate BBQ enthusiast. Cash & carry from Sterling. Include cell number for response
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