2009 Nissan Cube

What’s that you say? You’re looking for a fuel-friendly car, but are bored with the "traditional" choices on the market? Oh my, are you in luck! Take a look at the pictures of this 2009 Nissan Cube and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! Our Cube is packing a 1.8L Inline 4-cylinder engine that will give you 122hp to use as you’re cruising down the street turning heads everywhere you go! Teamed up with the smooth shifting automatic transmission, Nissan says this front wheel drive will average 30mpg highway! Nice! You know how amped-up kids get when they go to Chuck E. Cheese’s? Well, that’s the same effect this Cube with Base trim is going to have on you and your friends! Everything about this one is hip! The exterior styling is totally fun, and the interior is bursting with excitement! Scan the unique window arrangement, the gray-on-gray detailing, the bright aluminum alloy wheels, the leather-wrapped wheel with fingertip controls, the bright blue gauge lighting, the awesome audio system with CD and auxiliary input for plugging in your tunes, and the easily accessible power accessories. And all of Nissan’s safety equipment is in place for your peace of mind. Call Matt at 314-295-5326 What you need to bring in - 1. Current Drivers Licence 2. Two most recent paycheck stubs 3. Utility bill 4. Down Payment
Updated 4-Dec-2013