Cattle Yard Package

Here is a package for your cattle yard. This picture is a 24 x 36 foot yard. You will get 9 Brazzen Panels and one adjustable top gate. The panels are 5 rail Standard Panel with double Strap in the middle: 12’ long x 5’4 inches high. Posts are 14 gauge and rails are 16 gauge. This is a USA style panel with the looped feet at the bottom and the end posts are round. The panel is made of Galvanized steel with the rails being oval rails (not round) The rails being over 3 inches x 2 inches wide. These rails perform so you can put more pressure pushing down when a cowboy is climbing over the panel or a Bull/Cow is putting its hoof on the rail. Being oval rail, it also has more flex when pushed against and with the added centre strap and the panel almost 110 pounds it will only give it more strength. The matching gate is 6 foot wide and adjusts to over 8 foot high. It has a slam latch and chain for extra security. You can see them in the pictures. You will see all the panels join together using the easy to use slide in pins and you can even pin them 4 ways with any of our panels. So it is easy to join on more yards. Refer to the pictures. For a whole yard our panels look great. This 24 x 36 foot yard cost is $1290.00, you wont get better value than that. For every panel you like to add to make the yard bigger we will give you a good deal. To learn more about our products go to our youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3izbtxLtUo If you would like to know more about our products or to be a Brazzen Dealer email me Cam@brazzen.com or call or text me on 435-901-5404 any day any time. Servicing Spanish Fork to Gantsville & Spanish Fork to Scipio
Updated 4-Jul-2018
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