AD70 Amalfi Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Brick Front

AD70 Amalfi Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Brick Front Something you will need for the back patio alongside your Smoker or BBQ. It is the piece of furniture you must have. Have your friends over and cook your Amalfi genuine wood fired pizzas or throw in a small Turkey, cook that Sunday Roast. Although it is smaller than the AD110 and AD90, it actually can be lifted by hand with a few strong guys it can still cook 11inch Pizzas and can cooked them in 3 minutes. It also comes with a granite shelf at the opening of the oven, real brick frontage and very sturdy stand with space for the wood under it or it can be taken off the stand and put on your own bench in your back patio somewhere. It is very good for the areas where you are limited for space or hard to get access to the back area of your back garden/yard. Amalfi Ovens has been around for years and started in Australia and now selling in the USA only through a few Distributors. They are made from Refractory Brick, insulated top and bottom and the beautifully rendered. Be the talk of the neighbourhood with one of these ovens. Check our website: http://www.woodfiredovens.com.au/ Call Cameron on 435-901-5404, for brochure enquiries please email: cam@brazzen.com Specifications: External dimensions of oven Length (front to back) 41 inches Width (left to right) 37 inches Oven height (excluding flue) 23 inches Weight 767 lbs. Internal dimensions of oven Length (front to back) 33 inches Width (left to right) 28 inches Flue details Flue height 24 inches Flue diameter 11 inches Oven Diagram (Front) Width 37 inches Height 23 inches Arch Width 16 inches Arch height 9 inches Flue base width 13 inches Oven Diagram (Side) Length 41 inches Height 23 inches Internal length 33 inches Flue base width 8 inches Front height 19 inches