Certified Dietary manager

PremiumManages the foodservice program in a single site according to Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) policies and procedures, and federal/state requirements. Provides leadership, support and guidance to ensure that food quality standards, inventory levels, food safety guidelines and customer service expectations are met. Maintains records of income and expenditures, food, supplies, personnel and equipment and provides reports to HCSG District Manager on such. Makes sure facility has sufficient supplies. Takes periodic inventories of supplies and materials, trains new employees, and recommends dismissals. Acts as liaison between building occupants, client managers or administrators and HCSG staff. The Manager must be able to communicate effectively all directives from client managers, building occupants and administrators to HCSG staff. Must be able to perform the essential job functions of dietary aide, cook, and dishwasher positions for purposes of training and assisting when there are call-outs. Training, quality control and in-servicing staff to HCSG standards is an essential part of the Manager’s responsibility and includes touring kitchen several times per day to assess work quality using QCIs for documentation purposes. The Manager is a department head in the facility and must conduct themselves and their department in a professional manner. The Manager consistently embodies the characteristics necessary to drive the Company’s Purpose, Vision, Values, and DNA
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