Paint 3 Room $150 Hardwood Install $1 sq/ft Granite $25 sq/ft

HOMESTRUC REMODELING SERVICES https://www.homestruc.com FREE ESTIMATE TODAY. 404-484-7112 404-484-7112 Real Estate Agents, Homeowners, Businesses, We are your one stop service source for your Home Improvement Needs. Services We Offer: Laminate Floating Floor Installation low as $0.75 square foot Hardwood Nail Down Floor Install low as $1.00 square foot Engineer Glue Down Floor Install low as $1.25 square foot Painting Interior low as $50 a room Painting Exterior low as $750 1 story Granite Countertop low as $25 square foot Ceramic Tile Install low as $2.00 square foot HVAC Air Conditioner Maintenance & Freon Recharge $99 Window Installation low as $99 Door Installation low as $150 Carpet Steam Clean Entire House $75 Air Duct Cleaning Entire House $199 Custom Blind Installation $20 Per Pane Include Measurements Ceiling Fan Installation $75 And many more services. All it takes is one call for all your property maintenance needs. We can give you free estimate today and start job tomorrow!!! Other Services Provided: If you are interested in any of these services, We can schedule a FREE estimate for you ***HARDWOOD FLOOR INSTALLATION*** LOW AS $1.00 SQUARE FEET Flooring your home? No other flooring material adds more beauty, warmth, or charm than hardwood floors. Wood floors lend a timeless elegance to any home and are easier to clean than ever before. One thing we've noticed is that wood floors never go out of style. Wood Floor Benefits Not only are wood floors a gorgeous choice, they offer a variety of benefits over other flooring materials including: • Eco-friendly • Health benefits • Low maintenance • Renewability • Affordability • Lots of styles We can accommodate your budget. Warranty on all jobs Staircase and Hardwood Flooring - Installation and Repairs ***PAINTING INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR*** LOW AS $50 A ROOM When it's time to paint inside your home, apartment, condo Using the necessary coverings to protect your property, respecting your belongings, and using the best tools and techniques available to insure a good job, makes painting convenient whether during construction or remodeling. * Interior and exterior painting * Brush and Roller Painting * Spray as necessary * Homes and Apartments * Drywall repairs * Mask all floors, windows, doors, hardware and furniture as necessary. * Remove all nails from walls and repair holes * Remove excess dirt and debris from walls and baseboards. * Sand and caulk as necessary ***GRANITE COUNTERTOP INSTALLATION*** LOW AS $25 SQ/FT Granite Granite's beauty is breathtaking, but what has made it the stone of choice for so many homes and businesses is its durability and low-maintenance nature. These no-compromise qualities of granite countertops unquestionably add value to any home. A wide selection of colors and unique patterns ensure you can find exactly the look you desire, and a granite countertop not exactly like anyone else's. CARPET STEAM CLEANING LOW AS $75 A HOME Carpets are extracted to remove stains and dirt. Fibers are turbo fan to dry quickly. Carpet has the ability to trap and hold airborne chemicals and dirt walked in on your shoes from outside. Maintaining a clean carpet can eliminate chronic sinus and allergic health concerns, while at the same time extending the life of your carpet. We use steam and extraction equipment to remove spots and dirt from the fiber. Tags: Acworth, GA 30101 Acworth, GA 30102 Alpharetta, GA 30004 Alpharetta, GA 30005 Alpharetta, GA 30022 Atlanta, GA 30301 Atlanta, GA 30302 Atlanta, GA 30303 Atlanta, GA 30304 Atlanta, GA 30305 Atlanta, GA 30306 Atlanta, GA 3...
Updated 19-Dec-2011
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