Master for Rent in a 3bd/2.5bath in Snellville 4045798620/4044027282

PremiumRent the master bedroom in a 1680 sq ft 2 story house in Snellville close to Lenora park @ $700/month + 1/2 utilities. Located in Millenium Place East/West Subdivision. Amenities: two car garage; swimming pool; tennis court; washer & dryer. There will be only one other female occupant/renter in the house. Looking for females only. Move in Aug 5, 2019. For questions call agent @ 4045798620 or owner 4044027282 If you would like to rent the other 2bd/1bath instead see : https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/roo/d/snellville-2bd-1bath-for-rent-in/6928176718.html
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