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Here are the basic services that we offer at Go Green Carpet Kleen: Basic Cleaning Packages Medium cleaning for lightly soiled carpets. Includes putting down detergent, waiting for the detergent to soak into the carpet, and then steam cleaning afterward. Basic package – 3 rooms without pets, $62.95 Basic pet package – 3 rooms with pets, $109.95 Whole House Packages Medium cleaning for up to seven rooms and two hallways. Includes the same type of medium cleaning used in our basic cleaning packges. Whole house package – up to 7 rooms without pets, $102.95 Whole house w/ pets package – up to 7 rooms and 2 hallways with pets, $209.95 Additional Services Intensive cleaning – for heavily soiled carpets or carpets that are in exceptionally bad condition. We treat the room with a pre-treatment and allow it to dwell for 5-10 minutes. Then, we use a buffer and agitation brush to bring up heavy soil and steam clean the room. Afterward, we groom the carpet to give it a pleasant appearance. Intensive cleaning for each room necessary is a $30 upcharge. Other services include: Scotch guard – $25 per room Disinfectant to kill germs – $15 per room Deodorizer – $15 per room Special pricing for berber carpet Berber carpet requires a special dry-cleaning process, so it requires its own unique pricing. Basic berber package - 3 rooms, $89.95 Whole house – up to 7 rooms, $209.95 Pet upcharge - add an extra $99.95 for homes with pets More information Prices may vary depending on room sizes, dry cleaning requirements, and other factors. Please contact us for more detailed pricing information. http://www.gogreencarpetkleen.com/ 770-757-3480
Updated 21-Jun-2013
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