Air Duct Cleaning Service Skokie IL

Air Duct Cleaning Service Skokie IL 8155 Keating av Skokie IL 60076 Cleanable Solutions http://www.cleanablesolutions.com http://www.cleanablesolutions.com/skokie-air-duct-cleaning/ (888) 551-6206 (847) 920-8556 (630) 560-4868 Most people contacting us are either unfamiliar with the process in skokie area or have had a bad experience with other companies. The information below is intended to provide you with a better understanding of how our cleaning process works. Certified technicians will arrive at your home in skokie and provide a thorough inspection of your household. Afterwards, the technicians will build a plan most suitable for your particular HVAC system. We use Truck mount Power vacuum to clean your air duct. WE CLEAN THE ENTIRE DUCT WORK AT THE FIRST TIME!!! NO UP SALE, GUARANTEE PRICE + 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!! for skokie residents. Truck mount cleaning process : • Open each vent/grill (supply+return) • Clean each vent/grill (supply+return) • Clean supply+return duct work • Clean main duct line (supply+return) • Clean plenum (supply+return) • Clean furnace (access doors, heat exchangers, air handling unit, blower ) For more information pleas go to http://www.cleanablesolutions.com or give us a call at (888) 551-6206 Or (630) 560-4868 Or (847) 920-8556
Updated 19-Jun-2013
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