Help Feed Abandoned Animals

There is a wonderful lady in Sinton who feeds 40+ dogs, 30+ cats and 5 to 7 horses that people have left to starve. She takes care of these animals on a housekeepers salary. She has as many as possible spayed and neutered when she can afford it. Her house needs massive repairs but she won't spend the money to fix it because then she couldn't feed the animals. Dog food, cat food, horse feed and hay is needed. Christmas is coming and I can't think of anyone else who needs to have help as much as she does. You could even sponsor a spay/neuter for her. I won't ask for money because someone will say it's a scam but if you want to see her house, you're welcome to. Home repair people are needed also. Please help her out like she helps so many animals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Updated 9-Nov-2012
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