Need Great Locksmith Service for Your Business? Call King Door & Lock!

If the lock on your door is broken and dysfunctional, then you’re compromising the safety of your home, your belongings, and your employees. At King Door and Lock Maryland and DC, we specialize in installing, repairing, and re-keying all lock types. We’ve been in the locksmith trade for several years now and our technicians are continuously trained in the most advanced lock technologies for businesses. We have a reputation for professionalism and courteous 24/7 service in the Maryland and DC areas. We know that your custodian needs a key to get in every door, but your receptionist does not need access to the whole building. We can create the levels of clearance you want, and we can replace locks at any time if you change your mind. The doors in the building can be fitted with a key that only works in one place, or these keys can fit several doors in the same area of the building. You cannot contain your employees in any other way. Your business must work on a budget, and we will respect that budget throughout the installation process. Also, we welcome your input into the installation. We want to make sure you get the security you want the first time around. We can also return at any time to repair doors that have broken inside the building. You should not go a day without the assurance that your building is completely secure. At King Door and Lock, our lock services for residential and business customers include: *upfront pricing *24/7 lock installation or repair service *service for the entire Maryland and DC area *expert locksmiths with years of experience We know that the security of your home or building is important, and we work hard to make our door lock services are the only services you will ever need. Your choice of locks should offer you security in your home or office. Also, you should choose a company that offers fair and up-front pricing. For superior installation and expertise, as well as affordable, quick service, choose King Door and Lock if you are in need of door lock services for your residential or commercial property. To see all that we have to offer go check us out online!