Looking for a used pool table/accessories to assist students with gross motor skills in our special needs classroom. We would greatly appreciate any efforts on our behalf. Thank you! :)
Need a table for my daughter and me to eat on. Any help would be appreciated (could use a bed for her, job for me).
I'm a single mom in a one bedroom apartment. I just got sole custody of my 13-year-old daughter. We are currently both in a queen bed with a broken frame. She needs her own bed (twin) and I could really use a frame that isn't broken. Thanks.
Looking for clean, good condition, stadium cushions or chair cushions to be used as pillows on dining room chairs. I will cover them so they can be ugly or freebies covered in advertising.
I am looking for scrap wood for burning in my fireplace. Any kind. Even tree limbs or fallen trees.
Looking for a converter box . Fixing to have back surgery. Recently lost everything we own..would appreciate anything
I am looking for small unwanted scrap like brass items, copper, wiring,
I am looking for childrens books for age 7. My daughter is wanting to have some books to practice her reading skills!! Thank you in advance!