I paid a Donation fee I cant keep the dog it would cost me more money then I can spend every month because of the housing place I live call me or meg josh
Were not going to lie... Were Old School and were from the 80s. Were looking for a new bar to hang around... Weve lived the life, were probably not for a brand new home unless its a home that REALLY needs furniture or already has messy kids... We think wed really be cool in a man cave around the bar... In fact wed love that A little about us, were nice and tall, were comfy, theres 3 of us and w...
Free moving boxes. packing paper, insulated paper. First come, first served. Call to come by and pick up the boxes. More boxes will be available over the next few weeks.
we have a lot of heavy white material that wsa used for a arena . the arena is no more and now we want to give the covering away. you take it all or just what you need, hurry it wont last long at this price.
Two nice older marble vanity tops with clamshell sinks. One is 54 with a single sink, and the other is 84 with a double sink.