What to do when my building fall under Soft Story Building ?

Call an Inspection Engineer to Inspect your building.The Soft Story Ordinance permits the engineer to choose from among four different engineering approaches to demonstrate compliance with the ordinance. The intent of all four procedures is to provide a soft story retrofit design that mitigates the building’s risk to damage and collapse in a strong earthquake, and to thereby diminish the amount of uninhabitable housing following an earthquake disaster. Evaluating the unique circumstances associated with each project will be informative in determining which procedure to apply. Consider authorizing the engineer at the outset of the design phase to study how the four procedures apply to the project and to determine which procedure best suits the project’s objectives. If this option is desired, this is likely to entail a greater proposal fee from the engineer, but there is also a good potential for decreased construction costs due to the need for decreased structural elements or those which are better suited to strengthen your building. For further assistance visit: http://privatebuilders.com/blog/2016/03/17/soft-story-retrofit-faq/ or Call us on : (818) 646-4748
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