Check us out on facebook or http://www.exoticlegendsbengals.com/ At Exotic Legends, we breed and have Bengal kittens available all year long. WE ARE THE FIRST CATTERY IN THE UNITED STATES TO HAVE OUR BENGALS USED FOR THERAPY CATS. Our Bengals come from the top champion lines in the country, combining the best qualities of our beloved Bengal- great health, fun, friendly, and outgoing character, and beautiful wild look and conformation with clear, brilliant, and silky patterns. We do not mass produce or raise our cats in cages. We do make sure each and every one of our Bengals is a well-socialized, quality example of the breed, and are enjoying our quest to create more brilliant and rare examples. In the past, we have had kittens available in Gold rosettes, brown spotted and rosette, snow rosettes (mink, lynx, sepia), gold, brown, snow or silver tri-color marbles. Check out our website or contact us for information on our new litters - http://exoticlegendsbengals.com or EXOTICLEGENDS ON FACEBOOK or 360-536-7894. I am happy to report my cattery is 100% PRA, PK, feline aids and leukemia negative. So if you want a truly wonderful, disease free Bengal contact me. Don't settle on a cheaper kitty, that is not proven to be negative. IF A CATTERY DOES NOT SHOW YOU DNA RESULTS, WALK AWAY. Read more: http://cats.oodle.com/view/bengal-kittens/4302009990-seattle-wa/#ixzz4Sskr4hiQ
Updated 22-Jan-2018
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