Ohm Walsh 4 Speakers in perfect condition

One pair of Audiophile Ohm Walsh 4 Speakers in perfect condition. They are in unblemished, scratch-free oak cabinets. The cloth grills have no tears or rips. There is no dents in the metal grills surrouding the actual drivers. There is no rattles, no buzzes, no improper sounds of any sort. In February, 2010, both of these speakers were delivered to the Ohm Factory in Brooklyn, New York and were given a complete "maintenance". The surrounds were replaced along with other adjustments to bring them to their new factory fresh status. I worked directly with Ohm's president, John Strohbeen, to have that work done. Upon completion of the maintenance, John shipped them to me boxed with 5 layers of protection directly from Ohm. One of the inner layers is a thin plywood. I kept the boxes clean and dry for future use. Pictures of the boxes are provided below. The following is from the Ohm Website:(www.ohmspeakers.com) "The Walsh 4 is for medium to large rooms in the second generation Walsh speakers which provide deeper bass and higher treble. We use real wood veneer cabinets with an Ohm logo in the lower center. There are 3 controls on the back: one to match the bass response to your room size, one to match the treble(increase for rooms with carpeting and over stuffed furniture, down for hard floors and no drapes, in the middle for average mixed rooms), and a third control set the 'perspective' (forward brings the midrange up slightly and recessed depresses it slightly). The Ohm 4 speakers produce sound that is smooth, crisp, and has great imaging. Unlike most of the other audiophile speakers, the imaging sweet spot of the these speakers is huge. Thank you for your consideration and please email any questions you have. If you require additional photos, please let me know. We no longer have the room in the house to enjoy the full sound of a surround sound stereo system when we have a small child to care for. There will be no shipping nor handling cost if you would like to pick them up. Also I will only charge actually shipping cost to ship them to you. Have a Merry Christmas! Frank
Updated 11-Dec-2010
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