BRAND NEW 2011 COLEMAN SWITCHBACK OFF ROAD CAMPER / NEW /////////////////////////////////////////////////

The Coleman® Switchback™, the lightweight, multi-tasking anti-RV that bridges the gap between tent camping and traditional recreational vehicles. It’s more than just a really good camping trailer. It’s a sport trailer that hauls your bicycles and kayaks, and it’s also a utility trailer when you need one. It’s really three trailers in one! Manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of camping trailers, and embracing a whole new philosophy of combining travel and recreation with practical utility, the Switchback™ represents an environmentally conscious way to travel by producing a very small carbon footprint compared to other types of camping and vacationing. With its relatively low cost of ownership, and being able to serve several roles at once, it’s an economically responsible way to enjoy your favorite activities and still perform some “around the house” chores when necessary. Small enough to be towed by some of today’s smallest, and most environmentally friendly vehicles, the Switchback™ is the perfect choice for the most demanding and prudent consumers. It performs a variety of tasks. It will fit in your garage. You can tow it with just about anything. On top of all that, it’s just a whole lot of fun! The Trailer that likes to work and loves to play! Box Size Classification 6ft Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1,350 lbs Unloaded Vehicle Weight 850 lbs Unloaded Hitch Weight 100 lbs Gear Deck Carrying Capacity 150 lbs Roof Rack Carrying Capacity 150 lbs Internal Carrying Capacity 200 lbs Gear Deck Dimensions (Length x Width) 2' 7" x 4' 4" Dimensions Open (Length x Width) 12' 10" x 12' 9" Dimensions Closed (Length x Width) 12'10" x 6'7" Interior Space 52" x 80" Right Bed Size 51" x 78" Left Bed Size 51" x 78" Rear View Front View Side View YOU CAN ONLY GET IT FROM ME. I AM THE OWNER AND DESIGNER OF THIS ALL NEW OFF ROAD UNIT. I AM TAKING ORDERS FOR THEM NOW!....405-249-8395
Updated 12-Jan-2011
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