Help needed for lesbian couple

We are a lesbian couple that lives in Selma Alabama. I need someone to come stay with my partner while I am gone. She is from out of state and knows no one here and afraid to stay by herself at night. You won't have to entertain her or anything, just the idea of someone being in the house with her will relieve my mind. We prefer a lesbian because that is what we are. We are both very nice and kind so don't feel uncomfortable meeting us. My partner does alot of computer work in her room so don't feel like you have to babysit her. I just want someone to maybe sleep over in the other bedroom or on the couch or even come in the daytime to look after her a bit. She is 52 and going through the change, she aleady is upset that I am leaving to go visit my parents overseas. Her Dad is also old and lives in Louisiana. We also may need a driver to bring her to Louisiana should an emergency arise with her Dad. If you would know of anyone to help us out, I sure would appreciate it.
Updated 19-Nov-2012
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