The Transporters

Transporters We currently offer the following services to private clientele, yet corporate entities are welcome to inquire with regards to these services: Transporter Services: Small packaged cargo deliveries internationally within 48 hours giving allocation to travel schedule availability. We will, by exception, supply transport to individuals. Urban Recon: We offer recon and intel in a non-conspicuous manner. Retrieval: We retrieve materials and goods taken unlawfully as well as people finding themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times, taking in to consideration you can supply substantial evidence of ownership or guardianship. We won’t, in this present time, risk personnel in circumstances deemed to dangerous given needed assessment and research. Obs: We asses patterns and behavioural mannerisms. No stalking on behalf of for your pervacious pleasures will be done. T-Ops: Rescuing trafficked people and animals (pending our assessment). Close Protection: Close protection to your loved ones (without them being aware of it). If your daughter is going out for a party we'll make sure she's safe without her knowing it. If your wife is going shopping, we will closely guard her without her being aware that she is being 'followed / protected.' Night-watching: Night time protection of persons and property from sunset to sunrise. Day-time protection would be considered given proper assessment and briefing
Updated 19-Jun-2014