Buy The Best Waterproof Backpacks For Travel & Outdoors

Welded instead of sewn creases are the best way to make 100% waterproof backpacks.We WELD the creases of 210D nylon carrier life vest texture to make waterproof liners for our packs and panniers.These liners are then sewn into our packs utilizing the welded tabs. By utilizing waterproof liners within, we can give you additionally cycling particular highlights for your pack outwardly, similar to signal mounts,pockets, take connection focuses, pressure ties and u-bolt holsters. These liners additionally contain substantial welded velcro boards to join cushioned PC pockets to ensure and secure your advanced world. Call to Us for any enquiry or order: 206.592.2565. You can visit through our website also: . Address: Velotransit 1421 S. 192nd St. #5A Seatac,WA 98148 206.592.2565 Website: