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Mobile commercial use office trailers and construction trailers for lease, long term lease, and purchase. From 300 to 2000 sq ft in size. $465 **Lease price shown** as that is most common with commercial use, but over 50 ready to roll for sale too. Ramps, steps, security features, workstations, meeting rooms and more. Visit STREAMLINEOFFICE.COM for the best pricing on construction offices and modular work buildings. IDEAL FOR: Job sites Car dealership offices Sales offices Construction offices Modular classrooms Modular church buildings Buy or lease * We have the largest supply of work trailers, modular buildings, job-site, school, construction and sales office trailers and WE DO NOT deal in residential trailers for living in or use as a home. People want: mobile office trailers, office trailers for sale, office trailer, mobile office for sale, used office trailers for sale, portable office trailers, mobile offices, mobile office trailers for sale, office mobile, construction office trailers, modular office building, construction trailer, modular office, portable office
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