Foreclosure - fight with court room - ready evidence and win your home. your mortgage

********** Is the bank trying to STEAL Your Home? Stop them and then Eliminate Your Mortgage! Even force them to pay you Penalties! Did you know that during this home loan scandal, many banks were not paying to register the Deeds of trust in the county where a home is located? The law says they have to register but to make Billions in additional profits as they resold loans over and over "They Didn't" Mortgages ended up in trusts with investors all over the world and then when the banks try to foreclose, they cannot prove they have the legal right to foreclose. The Note and the Deed of Trust or Mortgage were separated - that's ILLEGAL. When no one can clearly prove they have the legal right to foreclose on a mortgage, the home owner can ask the court to eliminate your mortgage - this stops the bank's illegal claim to foreclose on your house and then you have the home with no mortgage . Many judges are seeing the terrible things the banks have done to homeowners and they are favorable to Eliminating Mortgages if the bank cannot prove they hold the deed of trust.
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