1982 Toyota Sunrader For Sale

1982 Toyota Sunrader Motorhome In Pristine Condition -- A Rare Classic This motorhome is being sold by a film director moving to Italy to complete a documentary on Federico Fellini, who was his mentor half a century ago. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This motorhome is not to be viewed as just another used RV. This is a collector's find for aficionados who appreciate increasing dollar values of a genuinely preserved, historic, stylish retro museum quality vehicle. The smart buyer will invest in a piece of 1982 AMERICANA. When you will climb aboard, you'll be back in 1982 America. This vehicle is excellent for fine travel and can be rented out for movies at a high daily fee. Its value will increase if kept as we have kept it while traveling in style. A year ago we were offered $16,000 by a Swedish collector. Next year, its price will foreseeably increase as it is a classic and could be licensed as such. Classic insurance is generally low. (Excerpted from NADA's Appraisal Guide) "Rarity. A rarer car will have a higher price. With a model where just a few were ever produced, and there are quite a few classic cars that fall into this category, the owner will be more or less able to name his own price especially where a complete restoration has been carried out. In these instances, simply forget any guide. If the models only come on the market every few years, the sky will be the limit as far as price goes."
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