Sale on many things

Great Sale of many surplus items - Saturday April 3, 2021 8:00 AM to 5 PM Location: U-Recycle 2137 S. 10th Street, San Jose CA 95112, Dawn Burt 669-264-4569 We are in an industrial building w 12 businesses, we’re next to the where the county keeps there VTA buses. We have everything from We have electronics of all types, including testing equipment’s. We have items for decorating your home, which includes, paintings, plants and other items. We have great items to use in your garden or to create beautiful plant arrangement with. We have full spectrum lights that can be used as grow lights. If you need computer parts for an old or new computer you are building, we have it. We have power supplies, Compositors, resistors, hard drives, memory and much more If you are interested in gaming systems, we have parts and computers for that as well. All our items are reasonable price to sell, come by today and look. If you come and spend $40.00 I will give you a free gift. Tri Pods, CD Players, refrigerators, kitchenware, paintings Home Improvement supplies decorative items, lamps, old locks, screws, washers, Carbon Monoxide Alarms (Brand New), and many more items, various antique containers with which to create beautiful plant arrangements with or if you want something already completed, we have that to.
Updated over a month ago