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Magic is a really pretty rare colored pony. It goes from dappled chocolate Palomino to more of a gray in the summer. He is good for kids, I lead my 3 year old niece on him. I rode him bareback and in a halter, but he is saddle broke.
Irresistible Edith is a soft, precious, blue-eyed doll of a kitten! Adventures and explorations are her specialities, and very little escapes her notice or attention! Her favorite toys are the laser pointer and things that dangle, and she's happy to share her space with other kittens, cats, and dogs. She's also a cuddlebug sweetheart who adores being scooped up to be held and talked to and love...
This adorable torti adores attention, rubbing her head on your hands, legs, face, and pretty much anything you'll allow her to, showing her affection and love. She is now ready and waiting for a forever home, giving her utmost adoration of people to anyone that will look her way. She is now available, so come adopt her at our Sanctuary in Parlier! More information & application
Cannoli is a sweetheart who is looking for love and a lap! She's got a adorable and gentle spirit combined with a zest for life and just a touch of mischief! She's also an amazing hunter of toy mice and has been known to drop 1 in shoes and her waterbowl! You will love her purrs, her pounces, and her headbonks! More information & application
Wonderful Cookie is a playful and friendly girl who will bring a smile to your face! She's quite people-oriented and she gets along well with other kittens and cats. She's got an amazing little purr and silky-soft fur, too! More info & application
Cracker is a fun-loving kitten with a nice sense of adventure and just a hint of mischief! He's playful, friendly, and loves to scamper, skitter and ambush the other kittens in his foster home! He gets along well with everyone and is just delightful! More details & application
Cheesecake is rich, creamy, smooth and sweet ~ and so is this little guy! You will not want to skip dessert with this sweet kitten ~ he's be a treat in any household! He can be a wee bit reserved at 1st, but warms up beautifully when given a chance to check things out! More information & application
Croissant is a character! His favorite thing is to chase toes and tails, and he loves exploring and climbing, too. He's got bunny-soft fur and a friendly demeanor and he's quite the social butterfly. He gets along well with people and kitties and is always on the lookout for a soft spot to nap! More information & application
Cupcake is a sweetheart snugglebug with a bit of a diva personality. She loves to wait for her littermates to walk by then she pounces down on them from a high spot! When she's tired, she curls up in a cozy cuddle puddle with them. She's got a nice little meow and will let you know when she wants treats or attention! More details & application
Sweetheart Touka is a friend to everyone, including her precious siblings, other cats, and dogs! And with people she is your instant friend especially if you will carry her around on your shoulders! Whether you're cuddling her or carrying her, don't be surprised to hear her whisper sweet little kitten words in your ear! She talks softly, loves her people, enjoys everyone, and brings her affecti...
Sassy is saving up a lot of cute conversation while she waits for you! Yes, she's a talker! She's also hoping you need a little home manager because she loves to follow you around to "help" with the housework! But her favorite thing of all is to be petted and loved and hugged and snuggled! This calico cuddlebug is like a little watercolor masterpiece, with her mixture of soft hues, a perfect co...
Happy-spirited Chilli Bean has never met a toy she didn't love! Playtimes are full of little adventures and endless explorations and are often dreamed up and led by this little doll. If it rolls, dangles, slides, crinkles, or crunches, this irresistible lovebug will make a game for it! As much as she adores playing, she's equally enthusiastic about giving precious kitten kisses and loves to be ...
The Friesian World Cup show is back in Las Vegas! September 20th 23rd at the South Point Hotel Equestrian Facility. Dressage Day is Sept twenty and ride times fill up very quickly! FWC classes will run Thursday Sept twenty Saturday Sept 23 from 8am till about 1pm. Class entry charges are quite reasonable and wed love to fill all of the classes. We are also looking for class sponsors. Please com...
Tabitha is a terrific girl who loves to purr, play, pounce and sleep on top of her littermates in a cozy cuddle puddle. She's a real sweetheart. More information & application
Precious Cat 14320 was dumped as a tiny kitten and thankfully was lovingly rescued, bottle-fed, and fostered. Now she is a lovable bundle of sweet affection and gentle playfulness. She has a bunny-soft, easy-care coat and a stroke of black across her lip, too cute! Her favorite thing since she was tiny is to cuddle close and enjoy snuggling in your arms. Affectionate, squeezable Cat 14320 just ...
River was found on a construction site with her brother. They were approx ten days old. The mother cat never came back for them so the construction workers scooped them up and took them to a local vet. The vet called us to rescue them. We got them warm and fed and now they are doing fantastic. River is very talkative and will let you know when she is hungry or when she wants to be pet. River is...
This precious kitten is now ready to find a forever home. After socializing with other kittens, has has become a wonderful kitten that loves to chase fluffy toys, mice, and dangling bits of string. If you are looking for a kitten that is begging for a new home, submit an application today and look for this kitten at our Sanctuary in Parlier! More details & application
Kitten 15531 is the friendliest kitten in a batch of very friendly kittens! She's also the leader of the pack, always the 1st one to try anything! Even though she has a bold and adventurous spirit, she has a cute disposition and is especially the sweetheart of the gang. When she isn't busy playing with anything that she can bat, roll, or chase, she will hope that there's a welcoming lap to sit ...
Rory was found on a construction site with his sister. They were approx ten days old. The mother cat never came back for them so the construction workers scooped them up and took them to a local vet. The vet called us to rescue them. We got them warm and fed and now they are doing fantastic. Rory is very talkative. He'll let you know when he's hungry or wants some love. He is also very loving a...
Three kittens were found at the school I work at living under our library when they were four weeks old. I fostered them and named them Edgar, Allen, and Poe. They were very sick when I got them and rebounded quick with love and veterinary care. I have been able to find a home for Poe but the boys, Edgar and Allen, still need forever homes. They are a bonded pair, litter trained, neutered and v...
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