Tripod deer feeder winch up style

..I will not respond to any text message or emails...... if you are interested then please CALL me ...there are to many scammers and spammers around here using text messages and emails in the wrong way............. The double pulley setup reduces the weight in half (150 pounds instead of 300 pounds) of the full barrel of feed, this makes it very easy to crank up when filled to the top with feed. this unit comes with three galvanized schedule 40 round pipe legs painted green with rustoleum paint. there is NO sheet metal and NO square tubing legs any were on this feeder set-up.... The tripod heads are built with approx one quarter inch SOLID steel plate that have three one inch SOLID round stock posts welded to it. The barrel saddle is built using two 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch angle iron welded back to back with pulley installed on the top of the spanner bracket with 1/2 inch SOLID stock metal rods welded to it for bolting onto a barrel. These units are all hand painted with Rustoleum paint. The feeder legs are fourteen foot lengths of 1 1/4 inch schedule forty heavy duty round galvanized pipe. These units do not need or require a varmit cage due to how high the barrel is off the ground when fully assembled and cranked all the way up. the regular package comes with;
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