This loving, tan, nine-month-old pygmy male is ready to be a pet or begin breeding. The only reason I am looking to sell him is so I can get another male to breed his relatives.
Two adorable friendly goat wethers for sale. Born Feb 18. Theyll make great work goats or pets or a nice supper. $75 each they are LaMancha. Tags goat, goats, wether, lamancha, LaMancha, billy, buck, nanny
LaMancha doe in milk. Giving 12 gallon a day. Trained to milk stand and is hand milked. This is her first freshening and is a great momma. Up to date on shots, hooves trimmed and ready for your homestead. Text prefered or email.Tags goat goats nanny doe dairy milk lamancha
3 registered nigerian bucklings that are heavily moon spotted. All have been disbudded. Theyll have their cdt BoSe before leaving. Ready to go on May 17th. Please email or text with any questions or for more pics.Text 509-3four7-614zeroGoat
I have 6 male Nubians for sales. They are easy maintenance and very sweet as well. I am asking for 500 per goat. For more information call Sara at
Bottle babies looking for a new home, meet Cocoa, JackFrost and BassettJr. the Nigerian dwarves. Cocoa has brown eyes and is bouncing with love and enthusiasm. Born March 26th, able to leave April 2. JackFrost and BassettJr have blue eyes, loves to cuddle, and are curious. Born March 27th, able to leave April 3rd. Asking $100 each.
We have 45 Kids for sale. Theyre weighing anywhere from 40-60 lbs. Asking $250per but we are willing to work out a deal for the whole bunch. Give us a call
I have a baby goat buckling available. He has been disbudded and will take a bottle and started eating hay and grain. He is 34 Nigerian and 14 lamancha. $150 call or text
I have a Blue eyed baby mini mancha elf ears goat doeling available. You can put her on a bottle and she is starting to eat hay and grain. Call or text
I have 3 beautiful and healthy female nigerian dwarf goats for sale Violet, the black one just turned 2. Minnie, the tri- colored one will be 1 next month. Blossom, the blonde will be 1 next month, also. They are very friendly. Raised with lots of love. $150 ea. I want them to go to a loving home. Call Debbie
Nubian nanny goat. Giving one quart in the morning and 1 in the evening very good milk. Tastes very close to cows milk. Makes awesome mozzarella cheese.


I have two twin PygmyNigerian dwarf boy goats for sale. They were born in September. The black goat in the pictures is their momma. She is not for sale. I also have a boarNigerian dwarf mix buck. He is intact. Im just selling some boys bc I have too many boys and not enough girls. Im only selling these goats as pets I will not sell them to anyone who plans to kill and eat them $100 each