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Are you of not knowing if your gonna be able to pay your bills? Are you very stressed out about your every day job? Would you like to fire your boss? If you would like to make some extra cash to add to the income you already have now or make an income that you don’t have then don’t miss out on this oppertunity. I know what your thinking this is to good to be true, this is a scam, this is spam, this is not legit,or how much do I have to pay to start. Let me anwser those for you. This is NOT A SCAM nor is it SPAM!!!! It is very LEGIT and there are no start up fees. Let me tell you what you will be doing. First you will need to watch 2 videos at make sure to watch both videos the first one is just the introductory video the second video is the main one. After watching the 2 videos you have 3 options. 1 you can call or text me at 479-747-4297 and I will help you get started. 2 you can try doing your self and if you get stuck then call or text me and I will help you or. 3 Not do anything and lose out on making money. This is what you will be doing. You will be completing offers to get your full 1.00 credit you need to move one. Now don’t stop reading just because I said complete offers. There are free trial offers you can do. They will ask you for a credit/debit card because it is just a free trial. If you do not want to keep it then just cancel before the free trail is up and you won’t have to be charged for anything. Now if you are like I was when I finally decided to do this there is no way your gonna put your credit/debit card info out there like that then you are more then welcome to use a pre paid visa. The money pack from walmart works great. After you complete the offers for step 1 and 2 you are done with completing offers. Then you will need to get back with me and I will give you the next step. Which is to get your domain name. That will cost you $10.00 a month but you do get a 7 day free trial. So once again no upfront cost. Then you will be given a link to our GDI training site which is filled with lots of wonderful info for your use free of charge. After going through your training then you can start advertising. When you get people to try the products of the companies you are advertising for like Netflix and Direct Tv and they get their full credits you get paid. You will get $20.00 for every ZNZ One completion and $78.00-$80.00 for every Big Cash completion. If this sounds like something for you then let’s get you started today.
Updated 24-Mar-2012
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