The Lemonator Mobile Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection Services

About Us We Are " The Lemonator Car Inspector's 678 - 243 - 9758 Our mobile service is based in Atlanta Georgia. I am a certified ASE mechanic with years of automotive experience. Our mobile service travels to your vehicle. I service all metro Atlanta cities You call me ill be their. We provide vehicle buyer facts about the current condition of the Auto, Boat, RV, Campers. Helping the consumer make a more confident decision in buying a used vehicle . A thorough panel by panel external visual inspection of the vehicle paint condition rust , evidence of body filler and poor panel alignment, we check for signs of body flex like stress cracks resulting from weakening body frame. We also inspect the under carriage,looking for evidence of major collision repairs,corrosion,fluid leaks, belts ,hoses. ( Detail pictures of damaged areas ) ******* this will give the buyer serious leverage in negotiating price.******* A visual inspection of the interior carpet ,headliner, seats ,signs of water infiltration, condition of floor pans as well as a check of all instrumentation and electrical equipment. A test drive of the vehicle if possible to evaluate any detectible problems in the engine, transmission, steering,suspension,and brakes under various conditions. I run a Computer Diagnostic Scan Live Data and Codes, I give you the vehicles current appraisal value. We supply photographs regarding any issues found so you'll see what we saw. A free professional consultation on the condition and value post inspection . Please Give Us A Call We Will Answer Any Of Your Questions About My Services We can set up a time to meet at the vehicle for me to do my pre purchase inspection. MOST ALL PRE PURCHASE INSPECTIONS IN THE METRO AREAS LOCAL ARE $ 95.00 LONGER DRIVING ADDS A MILAGE CHARGE. Call Us Today 6 7 8 - 2 4 3 - 9 7 5 8 Monday - sunday 8 am to 8 pm