I have worked in some of the finest homes, and holmby Hills Hancock Park Fremont Place.I wash walls, wash windows shampoo carpets and furniture .I have a helper she is my right hand if you are ready to unclutter your home and let it be your Haven you must give us a try. we furnish all our cleaning suppliesand we don't dawdle and are very careful with all of your furnishings and lovely things, we even clean the patio and make it look like a paradise so you can enjoy your weekend we also can run errands like grocery shopping pick up dry cleaning whatever you need we are there for you I am never late I'm always on time and I will finish the job to a T I am retired lady but I love to organize and clean homes and make your life a lot easier so you have time to do what you enjoy, we also clean RVs and we also are good a tree planting flowers in your garden we can go to Costco and get anything you might need you just give me the list and it will be done I am a very trustworthy personI am an excellent driver I am pet friendly I can even let your pets out during the day and or take them for a walk if you like. if you have a senior in the house I would be happy to help him in any way that I can I have excellent references here in Rosamond for a few people that I have done work for and are completely satisfied are prices vary after we have an interview and she your home we will give you a price but our prices are very fair and for what you will be getting you will be totally satisfied. please call me and we can set up an appointment for an interview and a free estimated 661 256 4492
Updated 3-Jul-2018
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