Discounted Pet Grooming Services

Artall Pet Grooming offers dog, cat, and other pet grooming services in the houston area. I can come to your home and do everything in front of you (this saves you a trip or two and it makes a lot of pet owners more comfortable when they are allowed to be with their precious pets and see that the groomer is treating them well. This is especially helpful for senior pets that get stressed out having to leave their homes and deal with all the noise, etc at a traditional grooming establishment, as well as pets that are just naturally anxious.) You can also come to me if you choose. You can stay and watch or drop your baby off and pick them up when they are done. The grooming services i offer include bathing, haircuts, dematting, banding, nail clipping, and ear cleaning, but if you have an odd request for something i havent listed here then just ask. :) I will groom dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and a couple others. I am in love with being able to work with animals and treat each and every one as if they were part of my own family. I am not afraid to work with dogs that have behavioral issues, like those that dont like anyone but their own family and tend to growl at or even nip at people they dont know. Another service i offer is for just that situation, if you have a dog that will not let anyone but you or your family touch him/her but they are a breed that needs regular grooming, then i can teach you how to do whatever grooming they need yourself and show you what supplies you need. for grooming, you can show me what you normally pay for these services and i will offer you a lower price. I have been working with animals like this for many years and have never cut the quick while clipping nails, knicked an animal with my clippers, or had razor burn issues. i love animals and make it my goal never to accidentally hurt anyones precious darling. I am including some before and after pictures of the grooming i have done on my Maltipoo so you can see my work. please text or call us at 713-517-0628, or email in response to this add if you need any of these services. Our working hours are from 11am-10pm 7 days a week. You will be speaking with one of 3 people: Amber(groomer), Rebekah(answering/helper), or Patrick(answering/helper). My Maltipoo had a scruffy schnauzer trim with very short hair on top of her head before, and i am waiting for her topknot to grow back out so it is small at the moment lol but you get a basic idea of my work. there are three pictures, the second one was the before picture.(ok for some reason I can't get the pictures to show the whole thing, they are only showing partials. So if you would like to see pics then just ask and I can email you some) Ask about my pricing, you wont be disappointed, and i will happily work with those that cant afford much but need their babies taken care of. :)