Wallpaper Stripping in Rock Island, IL 61201

Wallpaper Stripping in Rock Island, IL 61201 Wallpaper Removal in Rock Island, IL 61201 Quad Cities Wallpaper Removal Wallpaper Stripping in the Quad Cities Rock Island Wallpaper Stripping Quad Cities Wallpaper Stripping Wallpaper Stripper in Rock Island, IL 61201 Quad Cities Wallpaper Remover Removing Wallpaper in Rock Island, IL 61201 Historic paint analysis available. Historic mortar analysis available. More information available on request. Please contact Craig Clough at (309) 786-8617. Or, by email at clough7@gmail.com Located in Rock Island, IL 61201. If answering machine is full, please send an email. Wallpaper removal service offered in and around the Iowa - Illinois Quad Cities. Any type of room. Difficult areas in which to work, such as great rooms - they can be really high, bathrooms - behind toilets, stairways, stairwells, kitchens and textured walls. Dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, breakfast rooms, bedrooms, closets and basements. Furniture, floor, carpet and other areas are protected while the wallpaper is being stripped off of the walls. Wallpaper is removed as carefully as possible so as to not damage the walls. Walls are then washed and sanded as needed after the wallpaper paste/adhesive has been completely removed. Complete clean-up and removal of wallpaper debris. Prepping of walls for painting is available after removing the wallpaper. Also offering drywall installation and repair, interior and exterior painting, piano tuning and repair and general handyman types of services. Price depends on the services that are performed. Established handyman since 1974. Thanks! Craig W. Clough on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CraigWCloughRockIslandIllinois/posts/p/pub Craig W. Clough on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/craigclough Craig W. Clough on Twitter https://twitter.com/CraigWClough Wallpaper Removal in Davenport IA 52807, Wallpaper Stripping in Bettendorf IA 52722, Wallpaper Removal in Rock Island IL 61201, Wallpaper Stripping in Moline IL 61265, Wallpaper Removal in East Moline IL 61265, Wallpaper Stripping in Milan IL 61264, Wallpaper Removal in Silvis IL 61282, Wallpaper Stripping in Geneseo IL 61254, Wallpaper Removal in Colona IL 61241, Wallpaper Stripping in Andalusia IL 61232, Wallpaper Removal in Carbon Cliff IL 61239, Wallpaper Stripping in Aledo IL 61231, Wallpaper Removal in DeWitt IA 52742, Wallpaper Stripping in Clinton IA 52732, Wallpaper Removal in LeClaire IA 52753, Wallpaper Stripping in Muscatine IA 52761, Wallpaper Removal in Eldridge IA 52748, Wallpaper Remover in Scott County IA 52807, Wallpaper Stripping in Rock Island County IL 61265, Wallpaper Remover in Henry County IL 61238, Wallpaper Stripping in Muscatine County Iowa 52776, Wallpaper Remover in Mercer County IL 61272 Keywords: Davenport IA Wallpaper Removal, Rock Island IL Wallpaper Removal, Quad Cities Wallpaper Border Removal, Removing Wallpaper in Moline IL, Bettendorf Iowa Wallpaper Remover, Quad Cities Wallpaper Removal, Quad Cities Wallpapering, Quad Cities Painter, Removing Wallpaper in the Quad City Area, Quad Cities Interior Decorators, Quad City Drywall Installation, Quad Cities Drywaller, Quad Cities Drywall Installation and Repair,Quad Cities Handyman, Quad City Homes, Handyman Help in the Quad City Area, Quad Cities Wallpaper Stripping, Quad Cities Homes for Sale, Quad Cities Apartments for Rent, Quad City Restaurants, Davenport Iowa Painters,Quad City Businesses, Painting in Rock Island IL, Drywall Contractor in Rock Island IL, Davenport IA Drywall, Drywall Repair in Moline IL, Bettendorf IA Painter, Drywall Contractors in Iowa, Drywall Contractors in Illinois, Muscatine Iowa Wallpaper Removal Supplies, How to Remove Wallpaper in the IA-IL Quad Cities, Quad City Wallpaper Help, Quad City Wallpaper Border Remover, Hard to Remove Wallpaper in the Quad Cities, How to Strip Wallpaper, Stripping Off Old Wallpaper, How to Hang Wallpaper, Wallpape...
Updated 8-Dec-2018
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