2- Feathercraft Boats for sale-1950 12' Deluxe Runabouts

PremiumBoth boats are in very good condition. No leaks and all structural members are strong. Transoms are in good shape, built with Teak and Mahogany. Only Brass and Stainless fasteners used. The boats aren't polished or painted above the waterline. You can make them show stoppers with some TLC. They handle really well with a Maximum 20HP engine and they plane out nicely and turn on a dime. These early models were built stronger than the later mid-1950 models. Each boat is slightly different. More freeboard on one than the other. I have owned them for 30 plus years. I was an Antique Outboard Motor collector and loved to restore the engines. I've owned many Feather Crafts (10-12) and wood boats but these two were the finest Feather Crafts of all. Really well built, stronger than the newer models. Call me with questions. Bill 917 846 2493
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