ON SALE - Beautiful Affordable Chicken Coops Hen Houses -PORTABLE AND EASILY CLEANED-

These brand new chicken coops are 6 feet by 3 feet (3 feet tall) -that's 18sq ft., houses up to 6 chickens and 4 feet by 8 feet (4 feet tall) - 32 sq ft., houses up to 12 chickens. The A-frame design is good for all weather (especially for high wind). They're predator-proof, sturdy, and easily winterized. Our idea of winterizing is to keep the coop warm and let plenty of light in! Please check out the video on our website -"Insulating our chicken coop." We use good materials: 3" exterior deck screws for all structural parts. Durable hardware Cloth. High-grade UV stains. As you see in the pictures - they scratch and peck all around, but stay near the coop. When evening comes, they go inside, ready for you to close the door.
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