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Helmet skirt is used for driving motorcycle and it also helps to reduce traffic noise and keep out debris. Nojgear has all new full-face helmets design with sleek, low profile and easy installation. Helmet skirt keep the cold air from coming under the chin and up over your eyes and they also help seal out flames and dirt .You would rather not wear goggles if a skirt/wind blocker would work. So stop losing cool air out of the bottom of your helmet and apply a Nojgear helmet skirt today! You can use a Nojgear product named Quiet Rider. The Quiet Rider is designed to slip into the space between the helmet shell and the liner. A curtain hangs down and fits around the rider's neck, offering some protection from cold drafts during the winter .It also provides fork guard for two wheeler's. These fork guards protect fork tubes and fork seals from dirt, bugs and road debris. Fork seal is a costly product and that is why you need a better fork guard. There installation is quite simple an you are also provided with Velcro-like backing. The first name that came into the mind for best helmet skirt and fork guard is Nojgear. Nojgear provides a long range of helmet skirts and fork guards. So please visit Nojgear.com for online shopping and more information.
Updated 26-Jun-2014
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