Bedroom for female in a nice 3-bdrm home in Richardson

Female wanted to share a nice Christian home in Richardson, TX. Utilities and WiFi are included in the rent. The room is minimally furnished with a bed, desk and a nightstand. I believe that the bed is queen size. I'm not certain about the exact dimensions of the room. This is a comfortably-sized room. And I'm sure you'll like the house. One person asked: 1. What kitchen amenities can be used? 2. What are the food preferences of other people in the house, as I am a vegetarian 3. How many other people are there in the house? 4. Do you own this house or are you leasing it? I replied: 1. Everything in the kitchen is yours to use. 2. I'm a vegetarian also. 3. I've been sharing this house for about 5 years now with different students from China that were attending UTD. The girls' bedrooms and their shared bathroom is on one side of the house. My living quarters are on the other side of the house. One of the girls graduated recently and went back to China. The other girl graduated with a master's degree in accounting and decided to move closer to her accounting job with the city of Dallas. A new female has moved in recently so there is only one room available now. There will never be more than 3 persons living here. 4. I'm not the owner. I just live here. The landlord (Grace) is my best friend and I'm sure that she would want to meet you. Nevertheless, Grace has asked me to show the room and to pick the next person to live here. Edit: This is a safe neighborhood, and, if you like to exercise, Duck Creek (see the photo) is a nearby walk.
Updated 12-Feb-2019
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