2nd Sunday Camera Trade Show- New and Used Photographic Equipment

June 9th, 2019 2nd Sunday Camera Show - June 9,2019 Redford Jaycees Hall 15585 Beech Daly Rd. ( Betweeen 5 & 6 Mile Rd.) Redford, MI 48239 Admission 5.00 Student 2.00 10am - 3pm For more information please give us a call. Sponsor: The Camera Connection 313 937 1300 A great place to purchase photo gear new & used. Meet an talk with Pro's an students, a wonderful way to see & get acquainted with photographic equipment, all under one roof! Many Dealers! Frequently Ask Question 1. How many 2nd Sunday Camera Shows are there per year? (There are 4 shows per year, March, June, Oct, & December. Professional Photographers – Students – Camera Enthusiast – all are welcomed. A huge selection of NEW & USED Photographic Equipment under one roof). 2. Is there food and drinks? (Yes, hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, soda, an coffee available) 3. Can I bring equipment in to sell or trade? (Yes, if you can carry it. If you have a lot of equipment you may want to buy table space $60.00 - All camera dealers are there to buy sell and trade, a camera swap meet. (Visit each dealer and make your best deal)! 4. Do camera dealers except credit cards? (Some do, some don’t- ATM is located across the street from Jaycess Hall) 5. Admission? (Yes, $5.00 an $2.00 for students with ID. Your hand will be stamped so you can enter an exit as often as you like) 6. Parking? (The parking lot is small, additional parking is across the street, a very short walk) 7. Are camera dealers local? (The camera dealers are both local and out of state) 8. The show opens at 10:00am, but is there early admission? (No, our camera dealers are busy setting up) 9. How can I receive notice for the upcoming shows? (If you would like a reminder, all we need is your email address. We also announce the next camera shows on Craigslist a few weeks prior to the show. You can always go to thecameraconnectiononline.com for show information or stop in The Camera Connection 27076 Plymouth Rd, Redford, MI (between Beech Daly & Inkster Rd.) an pick up a postcard) 10. Who do I contact and how far in advance if I want to reserve a table at the next show? (The sooner the better, the tables are limited. Contact The Camera Connection 313 937-1300)
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