ON SALE- Portable Chicken Fence KIT For Free Range Chicken Coop

If you raise chickens, you know how often chickens go to unwanted places - eat your favorite plants, or get themselves into trouble. You should get a chicken fence to keep them in an enclosed area where they can still scavenge for bugs in the grass. It'd be even more convenient if you had a chicken fence that is easily portable! $195 for 7 portable wood posts - with base and 21 spikes, and a fence clip. Designed for 625sq ft. ( 25x25ft.) yard. You can curve the wire fence in any shape you like. (When it's curved, it's a bit smaller than 625sq ft). Here's a 4 minute video about these wonderful brand new posts - just click the link below to watch, or copy the link into the address bar in your browser and hit enter: http://www.ranch-coop.com/Portable-Fence-Posts.html
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