Vera cleaner services

SERVICES Hi and good day. I provide professional house cleaning services every time at an affordable price. I really treat each house cleaning unique. This means you will have my typical house cleaning service, along with the specific details you asked. I follow these details to make sure they are being made at each cleaning. I have 6 years of experience and have great references. I work alone. Get a free quote! Call or send me a text message. Remove Trash Clean Windows (inside) Dust Windowsills, Ledges Dust Furniture, Desks, Equipment Clean Baseboards Clean Light Switches Wipe Down or Dust Surfaces Spot Clean Walls and Doors Vacuum Carpets Sweep and/or Wash Floors Clean Kitchen Countertops Clean Microware Inside and Out Clean Refrigerator Clean Sinks and Faucets Disinfect Bathroom Toilets, Urinals Wash and Disinfect Bathroom Floor
Updated 3-Feb-2014
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