Vintage (mid-century) Brass Kitten, missing it's other half, however, you could be her other half. She's looking to be adopted. Potty trained!!!
That's right, this sweet little boy is looking for his forever home. This candle is beautifully crafted. You cannot look at this candle and think it doesn't have a soul. It's crazy how real he looks. Needs to be adopted ASAP!!! Will make a FABOLOUS Pet!!
This is a Vintage 5 piece French Provential Canopy Bedroom Set. It's made by Hammony. This set has very few flaws. However, everyone is different.The canopy has to be replaced and on one of the beds legs, there's a large chipped edge. The Vanity is in excellent condition, as well as the Rocking chair. I believe in keeping the pieces original, wear and all. So, I believe the bed and everything e...
Vintage 1980's handpainted pottery. This Fish Bowl Planter has a Floral pattern and Koi's beautifully painted inside. This addition would sure bring joyous conversation to your home. Whether it be an outside piece or kept inside, this piece is sure to bring a calming effect along with a smile. x-posted
This is a 1965 Fisher Console. It's from the "Heritage Series" and in near perfect condition. This console is ALL ORIGINAL, no replacement parts and sounds wonderul! This piece is sure to have you reminiscing and smiling everytime you look at it. It's a timeless piece and gorgeous! If you are interested and would like to come by and hear it play in person, just send a pm and we can set up a tim...
This clutch belonged to my now departed great grandmother. I do not know the designer, nor could she remember. However, this clutch, was purchased in the late 1950's, early 1960's. The colors and design alone are truly breathtaking! Pictures do not do this clutch justice! This clutch would make a great addition to those looking for one of kinda finds, ESPECIALLY, Vintage finds!!! x-posted
This beautiful Sadler Teapot, was crafted in England. She was birthed in 1950, to the mid-50's. She has aged well and would compliment any teapot set out there. She also has nostalgic properties that are uncanny. Truly, when you look at this piece, she makes you wonder, where she's been, who used her and most importantly, am I going to be her forever home? x-posted
Vintage 1977 Darth Vader mugs. One is in excellent shape while the other has a few nicks here and there. Doesn't take away from the nostalgia one bit! Just makes you realize they look wonderful for their age and were cared for over the time.
Measures 81/4 by 81/4 Hand painted porcelain with white accents. In perfect condition- No chips, cracks, etc.
Beautiful antique high chair Solid Wood Excellent Condition $150 Call 225-226-8470