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~~~ FREE on Amazon Kindle, Thursday March 15th ONLY ~~~ ~~~ Hoping for young readers to post reviews on Amazon ~~~ THE TRIAL OF SOMBAR THE PIRATE The problem with Stanley Prison is that it's empty. Constable Bragg needs a prisoner—for a day, or maybe two—just to show that he's doing his job. He sends his half-witted jailer outside to find himself a criminal. There's a boy that lives down by the docks, minding his own business, until the jailer cries, "Thief!" If a frightened boy takes a rowboat, does that make him a pirate? The jailer thinks it does. A real pirate would know better. A real pirate would go on a rampage as fast as he could, plotting to lay blame on the innocent boy. But what does that matter? There hasn't been a pirate in a hundred years.
Updated 14-Mar-2012
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