Individual Dental Plans for only $14.95 month!!!

SAVE 20% to 80% on Medical, Dental, RX, Vision & Chiropractic Care! No waiting period. Instant savings. No age limit. All ongoing Dental/Medical problems are accepted. 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARENTEED! Household and group/business Plans available. Nationwide- over 30,000 network dental providers, over 400, 00 medical providers. Choose the dentist/doctors of your choice. Huge savings on specialists including braces, cosmetic surgery, Lasik eye surgery and more. No limits to the number of visits. No paperwork. No insurance companies to deal with. Programs starting out at only $14.95/month for individual dental. $19.95/month for entire households- includes FREE: RX, Vision and Chiropractic Services! Medical program for THE ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD for $49.95/month! INCLUDES FREE: Dental, Vision, RX & Chiropractic Services! Enroll today, start saving money tomorrow! IBO #40774733. Diane Crafton at 503-543-2746, or visit my website at: www.mybenefitsplus.com/dianec.
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