Caregiver needed on Sunday's

Portland. Sundays 8am-8pm 21 yrs old male. Client is a very friendly, charming young adult who loves ppl and likes to be interacted with. He needs 24 hour supervision to ensure his safety and needs are met. He requires verbal and physical supports with all activities of daily living including, but not limited to bathing, dressing and all personal hygiene needs. Although he can do some things independently, he needs constant cues and prompts to complete a task. He eats independently and will need his PA to prepare a light meal for him and/or prepare/warm what has been left for him to eat. He is unsteady on his feet and requires assistance to get off the bus and to get in/out of the car and in unfamiliar areas or uneven surfaces. He does not use words to communicate, but understands verbal communication and responds well to verbal requests. He also uses his Dynavox to enhance communication. He can make decisions about what he likes and doesn’t like by physically picking out what he wants or taking people and pointing to what he wants. He chooses his daily activity (youtube videos, music, tv shows, outside activity, etc.) and makes those decisions based on his wants instead of needs. His PA will need to encourage him to complete any daily chores/tasks; this may need to be done before daily activities take place. He was diagnosed at birth as having only half of a cerebellum (part of the brain that that is responsible for human movement, co-ordination, motor control and sensory perception), hearing impairments (will not wear his hearing aids) and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He will need his PA to take him to afternoon church service. His family goes to a morning service.
Updated 5-Dec-2017
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