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Hower’s Laser Cartridge Tip of the Day: Back Up Toner Cartridges You should always have backup toner and other printing consumable supplies at the ready for your printer. You don't know how many calls I get from customers who have run themselves out of toner or other consumables needlessly. It seems it happens when you really need to print something the most. There is the misconception on the part of some folks that if they buy that extra toner cartridge or the like, and it is sitting there on their shelf, that somehow they have cost themselves money that should still be in their bank account. Nothing is further from the truth as what you have sitting there is really peace of mind. One can never predict with certainty that extra cartridge etc. will not save your butt. If you have backup supplies at the ready you will never have that "need it now" thing happen to's like an insurance policy. You hate having to pay for it, but are glad you did when the situation arises and it bails you out. Toner cartridges can fail, New OEM name brand or High Quality Compatible, even if bought from a reputable supplier. It's just the nature of manufacturing, regardless of your quality control efforts. At HLCR, our defect rate is less than .005%...but still, once in a while, a drum or a wiper blade fails prematurely. The other thing that happens is that you, the customer, are not paying attention to how much toner is left in the toner cartridge, as many printers do not show you that at the ready. One normally has to go into the printer’s menus and make the effort to check...this is not normally done from my experience. Some, you can't see this at all until the dreaded blinking light or the "Toner Low" message appears if you have an LCD or LED read out screen. However, if this should happen to you, carefully remove the toner cartridge, and holding it level as if it were still in the machine, give it a few sharp raps with the flat of your hand on the bottom of the cartridge and replace it in the machine. This should get you a few extra pages, but note, that you are on borrowed time. We suggest here at HLCR, that you do not shake the toner cartridge, as some folks try, as this may cause toner from the dust bin of the cartridge to leak toner all over the inside of the printer, costing you a cleaning bill from your local printer repair technician...normally around $75.00 or more. Call Hower's Laser Cartridge today and see how we can help you save money and headaches in regard to all your printing needs. HLCR has been in business for 20+ years in sales and printer repair. HLCR has many references that can be provided upon request or see them yourself by visiting our website. Hower's Laser Cartridge - (805) 488-6929 or visit our website
Updated 23-Jun-2014
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