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Hower's Laser Cartridge Tip of the Day: Keeping A Page Count When buying OEM or Compatible toner cartridges for your printer, copier, or fax machines, it is always a good idea to keep a page count. You may ask what, why, and how do I keep a page count? The page count is the number of pages a toner cartridge produces for you during the course of its life. Toner cartridges come with a rating of the number of pages you should receive from the manufacturer and that varies by Toner Cartridge Model. For instance a cartridge for an HP 4100 Laser Printer (C8061X) has an expected page count of 10,000 pages while a cartridge for an HP P1102 Laser Printer (CE285A) only has an expected page count of 1600 pages. However, these counts are based on the industry standard of 5% page coverage. Now you ask what is 5% coverage? Five percent coverage means that if you took all the printing and put it in one area on a page it would cover 5% of that page. A good example of 5% coverage is a 20-line business letter in a number 10 Courier font. It has been my experience and observation that most folks print 10% or better on a page in normal printing. So in most cases you can expect to get half or less of the suggested manufacturer’s page count (if rated at 10,000 pages you will get 5,000 pages etc.). If you print graphics (borders or pictures etc.) on the page you will get even less as they take lots of toner to make the gray scale shading to print those graphics. The best way to keep a page count is to print a Configuration Page from your printer’s Menu when installing a fresh / new toner cartridge. To get that to print out varies from printer to printer, but it should tell you in your User Manual instructions. You can always ask you local provider how you might obtain that information as well if your User Manual does not say. Many of my customers tape it to the side of the printer and do some simple math when installing the next toner cartridge. If you do this, there will never be any doubt as to if you are getting your monies worth from your toner cartridge / provider. In my 20 years of manufacturing and providing toner, I have never had one instance where my customers did not receive an appropriate page count, when they actually kept a page count and noted what they were actually printing. Have I had customers that thought they did not? Certainly, but when I convinced them to keep a count, there was never any question that they got their monies worth and more. Do not just go by how long the toner cartridge has been in your machine as we forget oft times what and how much we have actually been printing. If you perform this simple step, you will be happy and your provider will be happy as you will not call them and say you feel you did not get a satisfactory amount of use from the toner cartridge that was provided OR if you do not receive an appropriate number of pages after doing the math, you will have good backup to make such a claim. Hower's Laser Cartridge has been providing high quality service to customers in Ventura County for more than 20 years. We have a very very low defect rate and if something does ever happen it is taken care of very quickly. Even OEM toners can fail...but it's the service that counts when it does regardless of make. Call Hower's Laser Cartridge today and see how we might make your printing experience trouble free. Onsite printer repair at reasonable prices is available with 20 years of experience as well. Hower's Laser Cartridge - (805) 488-6929 or visit our website at www.howerslaser.com
Updated 20-May-2014
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