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Hower’s Laser Cartridge Tip of the Day: Printing Labels Printing labels can be a perilous prospect when using a laser printer. You may ask why, my user manual says I can? Well the problem is to do with the Fuser Assembly. The Fuser Assembly is the heat source that melts the Paraffin in the toner and causes it to affix to the page. This can also cause the glue on the label to heat up, come loose, and get stuck in your printer, causing an unwanted costly repair bill. If it gets stuck on the Fuser Assembly itself, that could run around $250 – 300.00 to replace, as there is no removing it (the label) after that has happened as it will always leave a trace of the label on all your documents after that. Here’s what to do if you need to print those labels and want to reduce the risk of this ever happening. 1. If using a Laser Printer, always buy Laser Printer Labels. There is a difference and this will help to reduce the problem. 2. Never reuse a sheet of labels after it has gone through the printer. Reason, being that once the glue has been heated up, it is more susceptible to coming off after the first time through the printer / Fuser Assembly. 3. If at all possible, and if your printer is capable, run them from the Multipurpose drop down tray and open the backdoor output tray to the printer, so that the sheet goes straight through and does not make the bend to the top facedown tray. This will help avoid the labels coming loose when making that bend to the top tray. 4. If you print a lot of labels, it is best to buy an Inkjet Printer to print them on. There is no heat source involved with an Inkjet printer, plus you can reuse the sheets of labels due to this with much less fear of them coming off and jamming up your printer. If this does ever happen to you, call Hower’s Laser Cartridge. We have 20+ years of experience in Printer Repair. Most repair jobs can be performed right on site and usually in less than an hour. We have very reasonable rates…so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have many references from long time customers. Hower’s Laser Cartridge also sells HQ Compatible USA manufactured toner cartridges. OEM name brand toner is available too at lower pricing than the national office supply chain stores. Call Hower’s Laser Cartridge today – (805) 488-6929 or visit our website. www.howerslaser.com
Updated 21-May-2014
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