WANTED beer can collections

WANTED beer can collections. I purchase pre-1960 beer can collections. No collection too big or small. Know any old farm or hunting dumps with beer cans. Finders fee given. I'd be willing to dig some if needed to get to any older cans. You would just have to point me in the general area (or a big pile of rust) and I'd enjoy a chance to go through the pile. I would love for a chance to collect up some of the old cans that litter the forests in your area if you or any of your fellow hunters can point me towards some old dumps that you might have seen. I'd also be willing to look under old buildings, in attics and in barns for old cans. I will be sure to respect any property and ensure that it is made safe for hunters to continue to enjoy. Call Keith 813 679-2690 keithker@hotmail.com
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