***Arizona Select Rides ** Abe Simon's Classic restorable collection**

Several have asked for a summary of Abe Simon's classic cars for sale in Phoenix. all were brought in from remote locations and made to drive again in his shop in Phoenix. The rest is up to the next buyer. One phone call and a check and we can put the car of your choice on a truck to you with arrival in several days. Abe is a licensed business owner in Phoenix and you can see his biz on Facebook or Yelp. Simon and sons classic cars in Phoenix, Arizona also on google Please call in for a consultation. If you buy more than two we will throw in an incentive. All prices are reduced to break even money for Abe. -1973 Buick Riviera runs and drives rebuilt engine -1968 Olds Toronado with rebuilt engine and transmission $4500 -1967 Cadillac Eldorado-runs-free with purchase of two or more. -1974 Plymouth Duster with 440 $4500 -1973 Duster with V6. $2500 new brakes and tires -1962 Chrysler New Yorker with 413 wedge engine. -1969 Chrysler New Port with block heater. -1967 Plymouth Fury III with fresh 383 engine. Need cash customers, no phoney bank checks or paypal transfers. All welcome to come see the cars daily in Phoenix. see Abe Simon's classic cars on google. For consultation call Abe 602-320-5987 or 602-334-9683 Special Offer: all ten cars in the collection for 20k$ FOB Phoenix, Arizona call in today for a consultation. Pictured also is classic boxer Abe Simon he battled it out with Joe Lewis for the heavy weight title in the 1930's. see more about him on google.

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