15-Jan-2019Gilbert, AZ+20 milesBirds for Adoption
Pair of senior Toulouse 10-year-old female, 15-year-old male, dewlap mixture. Female received $700 surgery to remove a mass from her oil gland seven months ago.
It is with a heavy heart that I seek to rehome my beloved African Grey. I recently had a baby and caring for a parrot and a child is proving to be far too challenging. Due to this, I would prefer to only rehome him to someone who understands the high demands of parrot ownership and is willing and able to devote their time and energy to loving this wonderful bird. Preferably a home without child...
Contact us for more information and photos of our cute and lovely talkative African Congo Grey parrots ready for sale.They are 3 and 5 years old and and they are wean and will begin laying eggs very soon contact us via e-mail for more details... Ad number: #400313115 Contact: marcie Phone: 928-984 8376 City: Phoenix, AZ Zip: 85004 Price: $200
African grey 4 years old super healthy beautifull in perfect feathers. Male with (DNA) he has been diseases tested for Bordetella, PBFD, West Nile Virus, Pachecos Diseases, Polyoma Virus, Psittacosis. Asking price is $ 675 Pick up only but i can drive for a extra fee of $60 dollar per milles, i will not drive more than 40 milles away. thanks. Ad number: #400331139 Contact: susanbell6 City: Phoe...
Hand raised, Hand fed, number one talking bird type in the world. The Congo Grey can always be identified by its red tail and enormous vocabulary. Come place your deposits now before they are all spoken for. Each one sold comes with 10% off all merchandise including the bird cage and playpen!!!.please also contact me along side with your mobile number. Ad number: #399968305 Contact: vivinette P...
3-Jan-2019Tremaine, AZ+17 milesBirds for Adoption
It's with great regret that I will need to sell my Blue and gold female macaw, she is very funny and specks quite a few words, loves to be stroked and love lots of attention. Due to going into fostering children with special needs such as autism we need to re home her. She is 20 months old, I would like her to go with someone how now there birds. She comes with a extra large corner cage and an ...
16-Nov-2018Gilbert, AZ+20 milesBirds for Adoption
9-year-old Nargansette hen who I spent hundreds $$$ at the veterinarian for multiple surgeries.
16-Nov-2018Gilbert, AZ+20 milesBirds for Adoption
Three white Sebastapols, 2 female & 1 very senior special needs male; 2 Sebastapol / buff Saddleback Pomeranian sisters, and pair of very senior Toulouse (ages of geese range from 8-fifteen years). The female Toulouse was undergoing a $700 surgery at the veterinarian the day of my accident.
16-Nov-2018Gilbert, AZ+20 milesBirds for Adoption
6-year-old mottled black tom, a total flirt with humans, but not compatible with other male turkeys. He came to me badly battered and unable to walk. He coward in a corner for several months, but his physical and emotional scars finally healed (though he still exhibits a significant limp) and he became a total flirt. He's nice with youngsters and babies. Requires Rx for his arthritis.
8-Jul-2018Mesa, AZ+17 milesBirds for Adoption
I am trying to rehome my little flock of chickens by hopefully finding people who live up north to adopt them. I live in Mesa, Az. My chickens are having a hard time with the desert heat and my wish is to rehome them to the high country so the temperatures are alot easier on them. They were hand raised from chicks, are semi-tame, I have 7 hens - 3 silkies, 4 Bantams. I also have one Bantam red...
11-Jun-2018Surprise, AZ+21 milesBirds for Adoption
Young Lady Gouldian Finch for sale,Mostly Orange Head Purple Breasted, Black Head Purple Breasted, Male's $75 Female's $85 Hurry they go fast.